1. Licencing Packages
The Healing Centre for GriefologyTM (HCFG) will explore ways to license the following programs developed by us as the LICENSEE, including manuals and related documentation, which include a material portion of, or which are derived from our programs. Courses thus far include but not limited to: Train the Trainer on the following programs: Be Your Own Advocate; Bi-Cultural Awareness; Aboriginal Griefology Averting Mental Health Challenges and Loss and Grief First Aid.

Action Plan: To secure a researcher with an Indigenous knowledges and curriculum background to explore accreditation packages; develop manual and packages; research pricing for different courses and develop new courses and expand on current courses.

Timeline: Exploration 2022, Delivery from Jan 2023

2. Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
RTOs are educational providers assessed and approved by Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver a suite of accreditation vocational education and training courses. HCFG would explore becoming a private and independent RTO offering Certificates in Loss and Grief Cert 1, 2, 3, 4 and Diploma.

Action Plan: discussions with Australian Skills Quality Authority – Adelaide Office.

Timeline: Exploration mid-late 2022

3. Partner with Universities for Tertiary Education (Associate Diploma/Masters)
It’s conceivable Griefology could be an elective in its own right; a Masters of Griefology; subject within Psychology, Psychiatry, Law and History.

Action Plan: To secure a researcher with an Indigenous knowledges and curriculum background.

Timeline: Exploration by mid-late 2022/23

4. Franchising Healing Centre for GriefologyTM
As a corporation, the HCFG becomes a franchisor that owns the trademarks and business model. The franchisee is the person or Corporation that owns and operates the business using the trademark and business model systems of the HCFG, licensed from the franchisor.

Timeline: Exploration 2023-2024

5. National Tour
Present findings of the Seven Phases to Integrating Loss and Grief© Model with a view to consolidating knowledge, and research experience and knowledge.

Can utilise the tour to promote awareness of categories 1-4.

Action Plan: Currently exploring the means to trademark “Griefology” to secure the HCFG to become a 1-stop-shop for Griefology.

Timeline: 2023