What is Griefology?

Griefology specialises in all things associated with the human experiences of loss and grief including death and dying. It’s a newfound discipline that knows no borders regarding service delivery. It’s a human experience that doesn’t discriminate.

Tailored for all cultural backgrounds, our counselling services include:

  • Innovative and holistic Loss & Grief Counselling, and;
  • Workplace focused Employee Assistance Programs

Loss & Grief Counselling

Rosemary is a clinical loss and grief counsellor. Directly informed by her own Stolen Generation lived experience, she became a Griefologist to support the Aboriginal community with a culturally safe counselling program.

The Seven Phases to Integrating Loss and Grief© model was developed by Rosemary after recognising – through years of research – that her own inter-generational suppressed unresolved grief was significantly compounding and complicating her contemporary grief.

The model is tailored with respect and responsibly as each client’s lived experience is uniquely theirs. Supporting Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people as they journey through their loss and grief processes. We inspire people to start a conversation that leads to healing and increased productivity for all.


Employee Assistance Programs

Many organisations can benefit by providing a professional, confidential counselling service for their managers and employees (and families). Staff are assisted in resolving any work related or personal problems, which in turn enables them to return as soon as possible to their normal level of functioning.

Our programs can support reduction in the levels of distress among employees and a reduction in the numbers of stress related illnesses. Even more, we support improvement in the overall work performance and improvement in the general health and welfare of employees.

Two Employee programs are available:

1. Assistance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Employees and Non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employees

Enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to access a counselling service specialising in loss and grief that is culturally appropriate and sensitive to their needs. As such, it is renowned as the most culturally sensitive assistance program available in Australia today. Also suitable for non-Aboriginal staff who are seeking specific loss and grief counselling and support. Rosemary’s model supports both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people because loss and grief are human experiences that does not discriminate. People from non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds report that this unique and innovative non-colonial approach can open eyes to new possibilities and potentials.


2. Cultural Supervision for Managers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff

For people who are managing Aboriginal staff. Rosemary encourages management to have the challenging and awkward conversations in the first instance to then move into creating a culturally safe environment for their staff. Managers can be apprehensive or afraid to address culturally sensitive and highly charged issues. Addressing these issues can be so challenging and awkward that it can often lead to being deferred entirely. Such conversations can be even more challenging and sensitive if involving Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal colleagues/staff.