Non-Accredited Workshops

1)    2 or 3 Day Bi-cultural Awareness, Safety & Inclusion W/Shop (B.C.A.S & I.)

This 2 or 3 day workshop uses the Seven Phases to Integrating Loss & Grief as the foundation to bring a deeper and more meaningful understanding to explains why many Aboriginal people can’t, don’t or won’t access mainstream services.  Using loss and grief is a unique and innovative model that’s never been considered before to explain why many Aboriginals can’t, don’t or won’t access mainstream services!

B.C.A.S & I. workshops are for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal service providers to enable them to support their local Aboriginal communities to access their local services by providing not just a physically safe environment but an emotionally safe one as well.

2)   Loss & Grief is the Cornerstone to Averting Mental Illness…

Rosemary’s hypothesis: that there is a correlation between inter-generational suppressed unresolved grief that compounds and complicates contemporary suppressed unresolved grief and mental illness causing diseases effecting the human physical, social and emotional well being! This workshop will be a journey of discovery – expect to be informed, challenged and inspired! We’ll be navigating the next generation loss and grief model called the ‘Seven Phases to Integrating Loss and Grief’(c). In so doing Rosemary will expose Plato’s theory as having been dangerous and damaging to the well-being of humanity, particularly in the western civilization only to permeate other cultures! With Rosemary’s firsthand experiences in using the Seven Phases, the ultimate aims of this workshop are:

- To break Plato’s inter-generational beliefs, concepts, understandings and practices about grief being a ‘weakness’ and to transform inter-generational grief fear into intuitive intelligence.

- The research and development into the Seven Phase will show a roadmap that integrates inter-generational ancestral and contemporary suppressed unresolved grief fear!

- Navigating the Seven Phases will ‘unpack’ loss and grief in a deeper and more meaningful way to show how it can avert mental illnesses/disorders and other major physical, social and emotional problems.

- The Seven Phases discovered the Seven Humanities[1] and disclosed how western health systems ‘dissect’ the still living human being, weakening the core sense of ‘self’. According to the Seven Phases this causes many forms of human diseases; loss and grief works with the Seven Humanities to realign and/or maintain the individuals Seven Humanities.

- Similarly, the Seven Phases discusses contemporary practical grief activities/ceremonies (strategies) that can be past across and down the generations; these strategies will expel ‘grief energy’ from the physical body.

- The purpose for grieving is to evolve spiritually in this the physical world.

- As we travel the roadmap tears could be shed, laughs will be had, ‘ah, ah’ moments will be exciting, insights will be lasting – all roads leading to inspire physical, social and emotional well-being for future generations!

[1] The seven humanities are the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, social and cultural are elements that make up a human being

Accredited Training Program

3)   Using Loss & Grief to Address Major Social, Emotional & Health  Challenges Across Aboriginal Communities

5 Day intensive will be run consecutively for interstate and territories for South Australia the training can be slit into groups.

The Institute works in partnership with Relationships Australia (SA) to deliver two units from the nationally recognized qualification Certificate IV in Community Development (CHC40808).   The following two units are embedded in the Seven Phases:

  • CHCCS416A   Assess and Provide Services for Clients with Complex Needs
  • CHCCD413D   Work Within Specific Communities


Please don’t hesitate to call or email for further information in relation to the above workshops/training!


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